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Benefits that benefit everybody

While it's true the UK government provides numerous benefits to its people, these are mostly to meet everyday needs on a very basic level, leaving little left over for social activities. But it's not just the government who helps.Local authorities as well as many national and local businesses are offering their facilities to the over 60s at a reduced price - or even at no cost at all. This is a two-way street. If you consider that half of the population includes the elderly, people with an illness or disability, the young and the unemployed, then that accounts for a good chunk of money local businesses would miss out on if they didn't offer discounts. For people who are less fortunate than the affluent percentage, without these discounts life would be a life half lived.

What is available?

Most local authorities have several leisure facilities that over-sixties can use for nothing or at a reduced cost. These often include swimming pools (with lessons), sports, and theatre visits. Many of them allow friends, relatives or carers, who accompany those who are disabled, to enjoy the same benefits. As these are arranged locally you can get details of what is available from your own local authority's website. You can find the address of the nearest one to you at https://www.gov.uk/find-local-council
Eating out:
if you're over 50, you can get a Diamond Club card at http://www.diamondclubcard.co.uk/ to get discounts in well-known pubs and restaurants. In addition, pensioners have long enjoyed cheap meals in many establishments; your local newspapers, or word of mouth, are the best sources for these.
Cinema tickets:
all major cinemas offer some level of discount to pensioners. Check out Silver Cinema screening provided by Odeon, they even throw in tea and biscuits. Vue offer the same.
most museums offer concessions for the elderly and people on benefits. They also offer great discounts for the family too.
Recreation and sports:
keeping fit is paramount for anyone, especially if you don't get out much in social situations. Both public and private-owned leisure centres provide excellent discounts for people on benefits and their families.
Days out:
Many coach firms run special outings for the over-sixties. These are, usually, not only well priced but the itineraries are chosen with the needs of senior citizens in mind.

To sum up:

Although they don't always advertise it, there's hardly any facility, entertainment or otherwise, which doesn't provide some form of concession. Nature reserves, nightclubs, bingo halls, bars and cafes all usually offer something. As the saying goes, you don't know if you don't ask.
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